All The Star Trek Online Screens You'll Ever Need

Things have been awfully quiet on the Star Trek Online front lately, so developer Cryptic and Atari are startling patient fans awake with all the screenshots they could find.

A few of these screens we've seen previously, but a good majority of them are new, depicting strange, new words; new life, and new civilisations; and people boldly there. Did I just go there? Oh yeah I went there. Boldly.


    Some of those Starfleet ships look really stupid. Just looks like they knicked the pre-existing designs and then just nailed piles of crap onto the hull.

    It's like a 6 year old went bezerk with 3 modeling kits and some superglue.

    Korwin...shut up!

    Between this and The Old Republic it's a good time to be playing MMOs.

    Some of them look fine like the updates on the Akira and Miranda class , others not so fine... like that Sovereign variant with the fat cylindrical nacels and extra saucer section bits (The Enterprise-E was such a handsome thing).

    I'm still not entirely convinced with this game. Being a fairly avid Star Trek fan myself I'm having a really tough time believing that this title will turn out to be every fanboy's dream.

    Still none the less time will tell.

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