And The StarCraft II LAN Petitioning Commences

Angered by news that Blizzard has decided to leave LAN multiplayer out of StarCraft II, fans are doing what fans have done in such situations since the dawn of time - signing a letter.

The "LAN in StarCraft 2 Please" petition isn't really all that much of a petition when you get right now to it. It's more of an attempt to reason with Blizzard, with a little bit of unabashed ass-kissery thrown in for good measure.

The new sounds absolutely awesome from the sneak peeks you have given us, and people will most likely be using it exclusively, even if they only play single player. However, there is no harm in allowing LAN play as well, and it does bring further depth and life to what will probably become the top RTS of the next decade.

What kind of petition says "Please"? The kind that gets 5, 861 signees as of this writing. Nearly six thousand people, all politely demanding requesting that LAN be put back into the game, if that's okay with everyone involved. I guess it says something about the StarCraft fan base. Where Diablo fans were ready to set themselves on fire over a brighter colour palette, StarCraft strategically weave their arguments together with shameless praise and respect, perhaps trying to sneak their way behind enemy lines to cut off their supplies or something. There has to be some sort of strategy involved here... I'm just not seeing it.

LAN in StarCraft 2 Please. [Petition Online - Thanks Kay!]


    Blizzard probably get a thousand emails a day telling them how to run their company; a polite one might actually be given an iota of credence. Seriously though, no LAN? Of all the things I'd become abusive about, that's high up there. I think my letter would be more to the effect of:

    "Dear Blizzard,
    No LAN? What the fuck, Blizzard? Is this a joke? Because no one's laughing. What. The. Fuck.

    Yours sincerely,
    A concerened fan."

      I agree with you Davic!.

      Damn, Davic, I was hoping to be the one to tell you this.

      Also, everyone, if the 3 parter thing didn't put you off this game, no LAN sure as hell had better.

    I work on the offshore industry. Starcraft is a popular option as quick game to kill time or to play on the spare time among some other games. I must say starcraft 2 has generated a lot of hipe, but this LAN Less thing is a disappointment in a bandwidth restricted internet or often no internet environment. I just don't see much guys buying starcraft 2 when all multiplayer on board happens on a LAN. But what actually got me worried is that battle net may become a payed service following the WOW business scheme. That abuse would just drive me away from starcraft 2 for good.

      They have said that the current plan is to make the service mostly free using microtransactions to fund it, such as setting up your own private tournaments costing money, but it seems that any functionality that the old Battlenet offered you will still be there for free.

    I wouldn't stress too hard over it, there will be ways around the no LAN business if they don't include it. Give it a month or two and due to the game's popularity, there will be a 3rd party solution. I don't think Blizzard were thinking when they did this.

    I ran my school's first computer club for 4 years, and the most prevailent game was Starcraft. We, due to our schools site blocks, could only play by LAN. Has Blizzard announced a benefit to not including LAN? For the consumers? Or even for themselves? It really makes no sense to me to not include it. They have to realize, somebody will make a patch for it. It's just silly for such an intelligent company, to be such fools :\

    Mate, they have to put lan in. Think of all the angry Korean's if they dont included it. Thats a big market to neglect.

      well, apart from school LAN's, LAN cafe's and angry koreans, it just means that if blizzard don't recapitulate on this, there won't be any official sales in korea.

      does the prospect of >$1 billion in lost sales worry blizzard ? probably not. this reeks of Activision-Blizzard, trying to combat piracy and so forth.

      it also smells like subscriptions are coming, especially if they make changes like this so early in the release cycle, it's just ominous, planned timing for a series of small blows and small compromises.

      more likely, the translation/voice work for the korean version will be delayed, so they can tune the network code and offset piracy on one hand, and fuck americans over in the meanwhile. (which i don't really mind either.)

      i.e. by releasing a crippled/locked-down game and then patching it with the features originally intended for the release, i.e. a pseudo streaming-content model, they create slow increases in demand and piracy-to-sales conversions.

      however, by doing this, there'll likely be 14 million active players but only 120 people who bought it.

      so, guess what activision will drag out next ?

      subscription payments. GTC's. its rather evil, but what are you going to do, not pay blizzard ?

      write flowery prose asking politely for a free game without having to pay for the privilege of playing ? yeah. see how effective that gets.

      so, to increase the revenue from the subscription model, they will hold off, from the US release date until the korean release date, then blizzard will change their minds "all of a sudden", *cough*. and release content patches to enable LAN multiplayer on the game along with all the content patches to make "the medicine" of paying for subscriptions more appealing.

      it's rather stupid.

      eventually, someone will just build another server emulator, have it advertised by a widely-sponsored company with bandwidth, open it up for korea/china/oceania, and release their own patches to overwrite the specific files that comes with SC2 parts 1, 2, 3 and part 4, the expansions, etc.

      i don't imagine the IP laws in korea or china, or the lawyers on each side will do more than sit back and cash in for a few years. it's been done before.

    The vespene gas must've gone to their heads.

      You must construct addition pylons
      ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
      You must sign addition petitions

      Seriously, they've been mutated by the hive we call activition. Stupid Queens.


    ahahahaha, as oh 5:12pm au time, it hit the big 10,000 mark and rising.
    I couldn't refresh fast enough at one point.

    God i love a angry mob who puts "sincerly"

    -Yours truely, Angry mob


    I just signed as #54561 and I don't even play SC - it's more my man's game, and he's a big LAN fan.
    I really hope this same mistake isn't planned for Diablo III. I played 90% of my time via LAN, and most of my solo time I went for the LAN way too, and just started an empty game.

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