And You Thought Smash Bros. Was A Kids Game

ssbm7It's good to know that, in between a little melee and a little brawl, the cast of Smash Bros. can still find the time for a little love.

These snaps arrive courtesy of the Accidental Video Game Porn Archive, home to dozens of similar shots from a variety of games. There's World of Warcraft, Two Crude Dudes, Tekken, Half-Life and - dear god - even Deer Hunter.

It's hardly a new collection, but its host, Derek Yu (of Spelunky, Aquaria and TIGSource fame) does keep it regularly updated. Oh, and it's obviously just a little bit NSFW.







Accidental Video Game Porn Archive [Derek Yu, via The Vine, thanks Tracey!]


    That second to last one looks a bit uncomfortable.

    Is it nerdy if as soon as I saw those pictures I started humming the Melee theme.

    Anytime, mang!

    omg thats fun, to be stating the obvious

    Yoshi is definitely having fun in that last one.

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