APB Won't Have Normal Subscription Fees

While players will still have to pay to play Realtime Worlds' massively-multiplayer online game APB, head honcho David Jones says they won't be paying a flat monthly fee.

APB has cost Realtime Worlds around $US30 million, between development, data centres, and hardware, so we'd certainly forgive them if they wanted us to pay a monthly subscription rate to be a punk girl with a white mohawk. However, speaking to VG247 during the Develop conference this week, boss David Jones indicated that was not the direction the company is going in.

"Basically, you have to buy the client. It's a traditional game that you buy... We're not going the normal ‘you have to subscribe to play the game every month' route. What we haven't said is which route we are going, and in some respects we're still looking."

Still looking, but Jones assures that APB's subscription model will be unique and interesting, allowing players to fully understand why they should spend money to cover the company's investment.

And now it's time for my suggestion! Allot server bandwidth based on the amount of money players on said server pay. The more money they deliver, the less lag they experience. They could even introduce a free server featuring turn-based shooting.

What? It's a brilliant idea.

Jones: APB has cost $US30 million, won't have "normal" subs model [VG247]


    What's APD?


      Check the lower-left corner of the image up top...

    I say cram the game full of ads... does anyone really care if they're cruising down the street and see a Hungry Jack's ad instead of "Jimmy's Crazy Burger Joint!", or a Coke vending machine instead of some tongue-in-cheek brand name? I dont...

    If theres one thing I hate though its subscription-based games... Which is a real shame cause I was hanging out for APB. If its anything like WoW then screw it.

      This is definetly one of the games that could pull off real-world advertising in it. Matrix Online was another, but wasn't as great when all that was advertised was Aleinware PC's and Warner Brothers movies (which became bizzare when it was advertising Constantine with the same actor as Neo :/)

      Anyway, in game adds for this = good idea.

        I would have prefered a constantine mmo :P

        But yeah, real world advertising, including cars, clothes etc is obviously an option. I don't mind paying a monthly fee, I just want it to be a real MMO and not the 20v20 people that I've heard it's been rumoured to be.

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