Arche Looks Delightfully Cheap In These Tales Of VS. Clips

Fighting games featuring characters from various Japanese role-playing games within a series are so vogue these days. Even better than being in fashion, though, it means I can blast Lloyd with lighting from space.

Arche from Tales of Phantasia kind of reminds me of Pikachu from Super Smash Bros. what with her ability to call down lighting. The other combatants in these Tales of VS gameplay vids — Asch, Cless, Chester and Caius — also look cool. But when it comes to fighting games, I like my characters cheap and airborne.

Come to think of it, I never played Tales of Phantasia, so I'm not yet acquainted with Arche and her airborne powers of awesome. In 1993, I had the misfortune of receiving Final Fantasy Mystic Quest as a birthday present and in my house we weren't allowed to buy a new video game until we'd beaten the last one. So, yeah, still hadn't beaten it by '95 and therefore missed out on the flagship Tales game.

Japanese Arche Klaine Gameplay [GameTrailers]


    Arche is awesome and a complete slut. Loved the Tales of Phantasia game on the Snes. Pick it up with the Dejap translation and you are sorted.

      She's not a slut, the unofficial English translators just thought it'd be funny if they added sexual innuendo that hinted at her being one.

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