Are You In LA? Are You Male? Bald? Naked?

If so, does Craigslist have a j-o-b for you. Here's the job listing:

Seeking (3) CAUCASIAN MALE MODEL/ACTORS for video game shoot. We're looking for thin, lean guys who are willing to be BALD and shave all body hair for a shoot on August 1st. The pay will be $US500/flat rate for about 6 hours. You will be shooting in a nude coloured thong and posed close to other men, so you must be comfortable with this. Thanks. Auditions will be Tuesday July 21st.

So remember, "no hair" means "no hair". Eyebrows too, baby, we guess, snip, snip.

What game could this be? Oh, the suspense!

Male models: must be BALD, THIN [Craigslist via superannuation via Joystiq]


    Sounds like another Hitman, haven't really been keeping up to date but I seem to remember hearing that they had a 2nd one planned?

      They were planning a second one... then they released it. And a third, and a fourth. There is a fifth in the works though, so it could be that.

      It could be anything though. Considering they're talking about complete hairlessness, I don't think the baldness is particularly worth zeroing in on for any guesses.

    I really hope this editor is talking in sarcasm. Sometimes i get the feeling that they're not. I mean, some things they say, they actually mean but it seems like sarcasm.

    The only game i can think of is Hitman. So for Kotaku's sake, i hope its sarcasm.

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