ArmA II Gets Aussie Release Date, Confusion Ends

ArmA II Gets Aussie Release Date, Confusion Ends

Those of you who’d been waiting to pick up a boxed retail copy of realistic military shooter ArmA II will now be able to do so next week.

First we heard the US release date had been brought forward to June 19, but that the Australian date would stay at July 9.

Then it turned out the European release date was June 19, but the US was June 26.

Meanwhile, while ArmA II launched on Steam worldwide at the end of June, the US release was delayed to July 7 and the last we’d heard the Australian date had been pushed back to August 20.

But, as of this morning, local distributor AIE has announced ArmA II will be hitting Australian stores on July 16. Great news for hardcore PC gamers who don’t use Steam…


  • I don’t see how it is good news – all they are getting is a buggy release, an August release would give them time to fix some of the bugs, the AI and a few other problems.

  • Err.. The Academy of Interactive Entertainment is now a distributor? I think they’d be surprised to hear that. Or do the initials AIE represent some distributor I’m unaware of?

    • Heh. In this instance, AIE stands for All Interactive Entertainment, the Australian distributor for labels such as System 3, 505 Games, Ignition Entertainment and others.

    • Lucky I wasn’t the only one that thought AIE = Academy of Interactive Entertainment 😛 (btw, QANTM > AIE)

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