Ashes Cricket Demo Lets You Rewrite History

Ashes Cricket Demo Lets You Rewrite History

A playable demo of Codemasters’ Ashes Cricket 2009 apparently hit Xbox Live today.

We say apparently because, despite the Codemasters press release saying it launched today, we’re pretty sure it’s been up a couple of days now.

Anyway, the demo features a six-overs-a-side match between England and Australia at Lords. Here’s your chance to forget that abysmal performance ever happened.

Right now the demo is only for Gold members. July 30 is when it’ll be open for Silver members, too. Oh, and the game’s out on August 7.

We asked Codemasters Aussie distributor, Namco Bandai, whether a PS3 or PC demo would be forthcoming and they said they’ve no news to share.


  • Ummmm.. 3 overs a side and I’ve had it for 4 days or so – feels the same as their first cricket game – it just doesn’t have the polish of other sports games with much bigger budgets…

  • The demo, apart from making me even more excited (I’M EXCITED), made me realise how easy the achievements are going to be. On my second or third try, Philip Hughes made 36 off his first over. He then got 3 wickets.

    If only it could happen in real life.

  • Cricket… *snore*

    What, wha? Where was I? Ah, cricket… *snore*

    It’s boring enough on telly, people would spend money on a videogame of it?

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