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ask-me-stuff-picEvery week I like to ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Today’s Ask Me Stuff pic is from Mass Effect. It strikes me as appropriate. I may keep it on as the official Ask Me Stuff image. What do you think?

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Not so much a question but a request for a post on a typical day working on Kotaku much like when you play the first hour of a game posts.

      You want me to write a post detailing how I'm going about writing the post? How very... meta. I'll call Charlie Kaufman for some tips!

    Were you on my roof last night stealing my weathervane? the actress said to the bishop.

    So far I've heard a couple of game companies have been crashing and burning just a little before and during the bad economy, most are either going bankrupt or are selling themselves off to other companies.
    Do you think that the games industry is going to take anymore of a heavier beating before things get better or this might be the worst it's going to get?
    Also what companies have bitten the bullet so far and what companies seem to be heading that way? and is there any possibility that once things get back to normal, will any companies be thinking about reforming and trying for a round 2 either under the same or a different name?

      Check for the full stories on how the industry has been affected thus far.

      The US and Japan haven't had great a great first half of the year, as hardware and software sales have slowed in both territories. On that basis, we haven't turned the corner yet. But to what extent is that slow down simply due to this year lacking the same level of AAA titles we saw in the first half of '08? It's harder to sell hardware when you don't have the launches of GTA IV, Mario Kart, Wii Fit and Metal Gear Solid 4 attracting consumers to retail.

      I suspect we'll see a recovery come October/November when we - presumably/hopefully - see price cuts across the board.

    Is Microsoft saying anything about the ads on the 360 dashboard? Like how people (eg me) are saying we'll cancel our Gold subscriptions if we're forced to look at this crap?

      I've asked them a bunch of questions around this. Will let you know when I hear back.

        Speaking of Mass Effect, what's the latest with the ps3 version? Is it still happening? Last I read was that ME1 was going to be released with ME2 as some sort of special edition. Whats the go?

          Bioware has not announced any plans for a PS3 version of Mass Effect 1 or 2.

    Previously on Kotaku it was mentioned that Travellers Tales is working in LEGO Indy 2: The Adventure Continues and while "other" websites say this fall, 4th quarter, etc... I find no reference of it as even coming on AUS online stores...

    Any clues as to a release date?

      It's not on the local Warner Bros. release schedule. I'll ask them.

    Hey David - I've missed the last month or so in gaming news due to... er... let's say some disciplinarian action at work... can you sum up any exciting news in 30 words or less?

    General question regarding using the website and comments which may or may not have been answered before: it's great being able to sign in using your Facebook account and having your comments tracked and collated, but is there a way to change your display name?

    I love my name and all, but this being the internet I'm a bit more used to using handles as a first point of contact (you can click the jump to my Facebook profile and details if you can be bothered). In people's profiles there's a heading for nickname, but I can't seem to access my own profile to change anything.


      If you use Facebook Connect, it uses your Facebook profile name. There is no option to use an alternative nickname as, really the whole point is to use your real name. Of course, you can always logout and then post under whatever handle you like.

    I want to get the limited edition BlazBlue (yes I was asking around in the other topic...) imported from the US and want to know if I can play the BluRay discs on my Australian PS3, including the bonus content.
    Any help?
    And is there likely to be any around I can buy?

    Last week some people rang me to say i won a *minor prize* (turns out to be a copy of the sims 3)... was it from a Kotaku competition? I enter alot of comps and I can't remember and the person on the phone couldnt tell me... Is it worth playing or should i trade it in to get a credit on my Assassins Creed 2 Black edition pre-order for the 360?

    If you could let us know re: adds on 360 dashboard as i think it will kinda suck if they put adds on gold accounts. We finally have an interface that is semi-appealing and seems to work well.. a few little ads i could handle but if they throw pop-ups @ gold members and that is it honestly worth paying for the yearly membership?

      Not us! And yes, Sims 3 is worth playing... but it's also not a game for everyone. I couldn't possibly choose for you between it and Assassin's Creed 2, they're just so different. (Not to mention AC2 isn't out yet and may well turn out to be crap!)

    I'm looking for some more effective ways to get myself re-employed in the games industry.

    Do you think going into studio X and shaking the HR guy until he agrees to give me his character artist position would work or would I be better to jab him with my pen over a protracted period?

    I love the fact that kotaku is now doing reader reviews

    But do you accept things like feature writing or opinion peices?

    I am new to Kotaku, but i recognise you name from a mag I used to subscribe to (mid 90's "cough"). Anyway i always your to enjoy your writing. "When i was young we used to point and click!"

    Anyway on to the question - I tried to throw away my wii but it keeps coming back. Can it be destroyed and if so will a ferret on wheel fall out?

    Hi David, any idea when we'll see a Dirt 2 demo for 360? Cheers.

    Is there any word on the "Perfect Dark" remake coming to xbox live arcade?

    I swear, we'd get more information if Helen Keller was building the thing.

    I think Homer gets stupider every year.

    Whats up with Star wars battlefront 3? Is it gone? If not then whos making it. Its been confusing and its sad cus i loved the originals

    I'm commenting on your reader reviews. The other day a rerader review popped up, which I gently pointed out, while trying not to offend, was a blatant rip-off of a good-game review the night before hand. All of a sudden the entire artical disapered.
    Am I right in assuming my, er, assumption was correct? Can reader's be trusted to post reviews, or do you think this perhaps dimishishes the journalistic professionalism of Kotaku, somewhat?
    Should media print (online, and offline) try to confirm all articles for correctness and in this case (unconfirmed) plagerism to ensure professional standards are kept in check?

    I'm aware the team at Kotaku is small, and you obviously can't check every submission, but perhaps a friendly warning may be advisable in the future for reader reviews?


    Is anything going to happen to THIS IS VEGAS? it looked sooo good, midway bust=( cant they sell it tosum 1 else tofinish ?

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