Atlus Wants You To Stop Importing Demon’s Souls, Expands Bribery

Demon's Souls is coming stateside, thanks to publisher of all things niche Atlus. Therefore, it would really appreciate it if you'd stop importing the already translated Japanese version, now rather cheap. It's doing so with many, many pre-order goodies.

Today those offerings expand, as Atlus notes on the official that not only will Demon's Souls superfans score the game's art book, they'll also score the PlayStation 3 game's soundtrack. That's a bazillion dollar value right there, kids. Don't pass this up.

To read more about Atlus plans for a deluxe Demon's Souls retail experience, check the official

Demon's Souls Pre-order Bonus Expands, Now Also Includes Full Soundtrack []


    No cross-region multiplayer compatibility. So if you get the Asia version from, you can't play with the to-be-released USA version which cannot play with the soon-to-be-announced EU version.

      I'll never understand why cross-region multiplayer compatibility never happens. It doesn't on DS, I can tell you. No clue why they'd do it, though.

        They have stated that this was done intentionally so that the US players will have a clean slate. Their reasoning was because they did not want to take away the experience of letting the multiplayer community mature / learn / grow together and be overwhelmed by skilled players (or something to that effect).

        I believe the interview was on US Playstation blog :)

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