AU Diary: Awkward Questions

What would you really like to ask a game developer?

I've been thinking about this after reading an interview with Epic Games boss Mark Rein over at Eurogamer this morning. In it, writer Ellie Gibson asks Rein:

Do you ever look at [Cliffy B]and think, 'I, Mark Rein, would like to be a bit cooler? Perhaps I should get a gold chain and start calling myself Marky R?'

And that's not the only hilarious question she puts to him. In fact, the entire interview is utterly absurd and yet somehow refreshing. It's remarkable to see a major outlet tackle a heavyweight industry figure in such fashion. And even more remarkable to see Rein take it with such good humour.

Most opportunities the games press have to speak with developers occur under strictly stage-managed environments. The developer is there to speak about their upcoming game and there's usually a PR person present to ensure the interview stays on track. Sometimes you get lucky and they'll venture into topics that weren't planned, but a lot of the time your off-topic enquiries will be shot down with a "We're not here to talk about that today" comment.

But what if we were free to ask anything? Just off the top of my head, here's a few cheeky, awkward questions I'd like the chance to ask.

David McLean, head of Xbox in Australia: How many times has your Xbox 360 red-ringed?

Nintendo legend and renowned gardener Shigeru Miyamoto: What is your favourite kind of weed?

Dead Or Alive developer, Tomonobu Itagaki: Do you have any first-hand experience with jiggle physics?

Sony Computer Entertainment America boss, Jack Tretton: Can you remind me which year is the Year of the PlayStation 3 again?

Todd Howard, head creative guy at Bethesda: How well armoured is your horse?

Exceptionally tall ex-Shiny boss, Dave Perry: How does it feel to look down on the rest of the games industry?

Final Fantasy artist and designer, Tetsuya Nomura: Have you ever been mistaken for a girl?

Can you suggest a few more?


    Ex-Midway Matt Booty:
    Did you get flown half way around the world to tell yourself in person you were fired?

    Peter Molyneux : "You are so good at not delivering on promises. Hove you thought about a career in politics?"

      What about "do you promise to make less promises that you can't keep?"

    Gabe Newell,
    I'm sure you have enough money, why no liposuction?

    Kudos to both Rein & the Eurogamer journo for that interview - there was multiple times when Rein could've just gone all "You know something? go *#&@ yourself with a (@*#'ing chainsaw" and stormed out.

      Sorry, no witty question for anyone but how about that Chainsaw line... that made my day. I am going to se if I can use that before the day is out!

    Reggie Fils-Aime: Kaz Hirai's out back and says he's got your name.


    Hideo Kojima: when will you stop lying to yourself and start writing Metal gear the movie/series instead of sprinkling game play between your cut scenes.

      I can't agree with that... Metal Gear without gameplay is, at best, a B grade plot.

    Co-founder of Eat Sleep Play, Daivd Jaffe:

    1. So after the release of Twisted Metal in 2010, Have you given any more thoughts on whether you'd like to make another big blockbuster game like God of War scale game?

    2. How bout now?


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