AU Diary: I'm Getting Flashbacks

I hadn't played a single new game this week. Sometimes it's nice to take a break. But that's all changed today.

Microsoft kindly gave me a code to download the full version of Shadow Complex, the tentpole release of Xbox's Summer Winter of Arcade, and I've played through the opening scenes this morning. Others have noted the similarities to Nintendo's Metroid series and, yes, the manner in which you explore a 2D map, "scanning" secrets with your flashlight and locating ability upgrades, makes for an easy comparison.

But it's not an entirely accurate one. Closer to the mark is Flashback, the 16-bit era sequel to Another World which took Metroid in a more action-focused direction, populating it with more enemies and delivering a less lonely experience. Initial impressions suggest this is what Shadow Complex is aiming for.

Shadow Complex seemingly exists in an alternate universe where it was Nathan Drake, not Samus Aran, who encountered the Space Pirates. But I'll know more come Monday when I'll take you through my first hour with the game.

Oh, and what were those old games I've been playing this week? Coincidentally, I've been revisiting my XBLA collection after a friend enquired as to my recommendations. I nominated Geometry Wars 2, Braid and Roogoo as must-haves. What would you have suggested?


    Settlers of Catan :D

    The MTG arcade game has given me hours of entertainment so far, here's hoping for some DLC!

    If they've got a nice big HD TV and decent sound system, you can't go past REZ for an experience.

    Of course, Monkey Island: SE is also recommended!

      I loved Monkey Island when it came out, and it's one of those games that I play again every few years, but I have to say I'm not that impressed with the new special edition. Something about the animation of the characters against the backgrounds just doesn't gel for me... I found myself switching back to the classic graphics most of the time.

    what about Castle Crashers? It's a classic! (even tho multiplayer was a complete dud)

    Geometry Wars 2 and Braid were my best purchases ever on XBLA.

    Even though there not multiplayer, people will always want to take turns on trying to get the Wax on Wax off, or waves achievement on Geometry Wars. The last mode is pretty good too.

    Braid, everyone will try think up a solution on later levels.

    Puzzle Fighter, very easy to learn and very hectic game. If there's a pro in the group, he/she can just stick with Dan, and the beginner MAY have a chance.

    Other than that, the Dreamcast/Xbox/PS2/Gamecube era games are pretty good. (Outrun, REZ, Soul Calibur, Ikaruga etc)

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