AU Diary: Off To Scribble Some Nauts

This morning I'll be playing Scribblenauts. And I'll be using words suggested by the Kotaku community.

On Monday I asked you to provide me with some linguistic ammunition. I said I'd choose twenty words that I would then draw from to solve any puzzle Scribblenauts could throw at me.

Turns out I picked more than twenty words. That's them listed below. Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion, I'll be reporting back shortly on how it all went.

BFG Clinical neuropsychologist Spatula Force field Trebuchet Penguin Butter Wizard Shrubbery Chewing gum Propeller hat Parasol Mirror Treadmill Chuck Norris Acid Black hole Corpse Pirate Monkey Ninja Zombie Robots Taco Boomerang Slinky C4 Axolotl Spartan Gamer Earthquake Grim Reaper


    I seem to recall seeing something about C4 being in it, but you need to enter "cfour" or something similar (no numbers afaik).

    Please, please, please tell us that we will be getting this:

    You want it badly... here it is!

    EB Games are doing the presell locally. Limited Run apparently.

    I thought Chuck Norris wasn't included in the game...?

    It's too bad nobody thought to suggest Lich. I'll be sorely disappointed if one of my favorite fantasy creatures didn't make it into the game.

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