AU Diary: What Game Should I Play?

AU Diary: What Game Should I Play?

Preview builds for three upcoming games just arrived at Kotaku HQ. I can’t decide what to play first.

There’s Ashes Cricket 2009, the cricket sim from Melbourne developer Transmission Games. I don’t mind cricket as a sport, but I’ve never taken to any of the video game attempts. Is this the one to convert me?

There’s Colin McRae: DiRT 2, the racing sim from Codemasters. I didn’t play the first DiRT. In fact, the only racing/driving games to hook me over the years have been the Burnout series (for its eye candy and sense of speed), Mario Kart (for its multiplayer and Battle Mode) and Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix (for I’m a fan of F1). What’s DiRT got that could hold my attention?

There’s Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, the internally developed Codemasters sequel to Bohemia’s shooter. I always liked the idea of Flashpoint, although I didn’t play much of the original. The open world nature appeals, but the hardcore military direction doesn’t. Is this going to be too hardcore for me?

So, my question to you is: what should I play first?

I’ll write up a “First Hour Of…” post on Monday for the game you persuade me to check out first.


  • Cricket games are only any good with beer and a mate IMO – single player never grabbed me.

    Racing games aren’t my thing but DiRT was pretty well regarded I think.

    Flashpoint was awesome, though it could be frustrating – leopard crawling for 30 minutes and then getting shot from the treeline can induce mouse throwing rage. I would be very interested to hear what the new one is like – I vote that one.

  • Of the three I’m actually personally interested in DiRT, since I like rally-driving. But in terms of what would make a more interesting read for your “First Hour Of…” post, I’d like to see Ashes Cricket 2009. Evil, yes. Hilarious? That’s entirely up to you.


  • I’d say the Cricket, i’m really keen to hear how it is and if its been done ‘correctly’. Last cricket game i actually enjoyed was back on the NES! lol

    Flashpoint should also be a solid game, although i’m wondering what the difficulty will be like? and if they’ve taken the realism too far?

  • Please try Ashes for all the hapless cricket fans out there who bought EA’s worst sports title to date: Cricket 07.

    I need to believe in cricket videogames again.

  • Op Flash for sure, like most people, I really want to find out how it compares to ARMAII.

    I’m very interested in DiRT2, but being a simulation fanatic, I’m looking to see how it performs as a sim, rather than as just another racing game.

    On a side note, I still play Grand Prix 4 regularly against mates. It was a sad day when Sony got exclusive rights to F1 (and since Codemasters are promising their F1 game is going to be a ‘sim’, I am just really hoping that DiRT2 (and GRiD2) starts to bring their definition of what a sim is more towards my own one).

  • I’d be interested in seeing how Ashes ’09 shapes up, especially if it can de-throne Shane Warne’s Cricket as the best Cricket game of all time or not..

    Correct me here – I thought ArmAII was the sequel to OpFlashpoint? :confused:

    • ArmA II is by Bohemia Interactive, the original developers of Operation Flashpoint, and covers similar ground. However, Codemasters owns the rights to the name and has developed their own sequel.

  • I second the vote for some Op-Flash. I tried playing the original a few months ago because I’d heard so much about it but it bugged out on the tutorial so I gave up. Maybe you’ll have more luck with the sequel.

  • They are all tough choices. I have DIRT and haven’t passed it. I feel guilty for not giving it enough attention.

    I’m very eager to see if this Cricket game can finally make it right. Others have been good but nothing perfect. Cricket IMO is one sport that doesn’t feel right in a video game, but it can still work, looks wicked though, gotta love some Ashes and making those poms cry.

    Operation Flashpoint, another good choice. But you can always play a shooting game whenever you want.

    I vote either DIRT 2 or Ashes 2009. So if you’re stuck between Operation and of the others, the other gets my vote.
    (But maybe Ashes, cause well, Dirt 2 will be good and most likely fairly similar to the first, same with Operation & i’m very keen to see if this Ashes can be done right!)

  • Im gunna have to say cricket as well. I think you know what your going to get pretty much with the other 2 and its always good to see what a local dev has to offer.

  • Definitely Op Flashpoint 2
    I want to see if it can live up to the original Operation Flashpoint’s name and reputation.

  • I’m voting on cricket, and that Opone, just cause I’m the damn nice guy I am.
    See, you just need to send DiRT 2 on over to me and I’ll check that one out for you to save you the hassle.
    In other words, I’m damn itching to get my hands on Dirt2, I love the Mcrae series, although dirt 2 wondered of course a little (to pander to the USA sales) it still had some cracking rally stages. I still am taking cracks at cracking the top times list on Dirt. Its just you, versus the clock, hitting apexes, knowing the stages in your mind and no damn traffic or pedestrian to come and cock up your good run.


  • Colin McRae: DiRT 2 first seeing as you are asking.
    Mainly because I just bought the first one for $20 and I am waiting for it to be delivered.
    So, you can see, if you review it, I will know if I NEED to get Dirt 2. haha!!

    I am kinda bored with so many War sim games.
    And Cricket just turns me cold.

  • Ah F1GP! Awesome game and incredibly realistic simulation for all it’s simplicity compared to today’s level of detail.

    Back in the day, a mate’s dad came in while he was going ’round the Hockenheim track, watched him for a bit then suddenly pointed to a low building and exclaimed “Hey! I sat on that roof!” Apparently in his younger years he’d been to most of the European tracks and after watching (and playing) for a while said that most of the buildings were accurate placements and the track had exactly the right feel for the couple he’d been on.

    And when the Adelaide GP was on in ’90, a couple of mates and I used to race at the same time with the TV on in the background. Timing was perfect. We were good enough to beat the computer drivers but couldn’t quite beat the real ones although we were damn close. On the second last lap, we worked out that I was half way down the Brabham Straight just as Piquet (the race leader) was turning Dequetteville Hairpin at the end of it. That corner was the doom of many and became so much harder on GP2 when we discovered (the very hard way!) that jamming the brakes on at the last second (was we did in GP1) resulted in all wheels locking and the car would slide straight off the track. The fence and I became intimate friends before I learned to handle it properly.

    Oh, your question? Not sure. Haven’t seen a cricket game I liked, only ever played the first Colin McRae on Playstation and didn’t like it (preferred VRally) and never seen OpFlash. I’d probably go for the latter as it’s the only one I think I might like.

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