August Xbox 360 Update Bears Good News About Save Files

It's commonplace for game companies to make gamers' saved-game files oddly incompatible with things they seemingly should be compatible with. So the news Microsoft had for Kotaku today about saved-game cross-compatibility is a progressive step.

On August 11, gamers will be able to download full Xbox 360 games to their console using the new Xbox Live Games on Demand service. At least 30 titles will be available at launch, including some you already own.

A spokesperson for Xbox 360 told Kotaku today that existing save-game files for those games will be compatible with any copies of the games you download from the service. Have a Mass Effect save but you long ago sold Mass Effect back to GameStop or accidentally ran the disc over with your lawnmower? The save file will work with the version of the game you can purchase for download.

It may seem like an obvious feature, but it is was not a given. Save files for Burnout Paradise, the first disc-based game of this hardware generation that was later released as a full console download (on the PlayStation 3) were not compatible. Saves from the disc game did not work with saves from the digital game. The upcoming bundling of the Metroid Prime trilogy for Wii, which includes Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii, won't be able to read save-game files from the original Wii release of Corruption, according to what a Nintendo rep told Kotaku a couple of months ago.

Microsoft is making things easier for gamers on this front. Ditch your discs and re-buy the games if you feel like it. Your saved game progress is safe and still relevant.


    how bout a way to back up those game saves??? i can do this with my ps3... straight onto a flash drive. recently my 360 HDD shit itself and i was placed back to square 1 with ALL my games! i dont care if i cant take them off the console myself but, some sort of backup process has to happen. maybe link a small amount of storage space to a GT? 100mB? just for saves. games and videos can be re-downloaded but saves are gone forever if/WHEN something goes wrong. with my ps3 i tend to do a full backup about once a month. so at least if something goes wrong i wont have lost ALL my data.

      Ummmm, just use a 360 memory card? I have Madden, NBA Live, GTA4 and Rock Band saves on the 360 HDD and Memory Card - choose the save and copy to the new location and it's backed up... You can't have multiple copies of your profile but you can retrieve that from the servers if needed.

        So it copies them, not move them? I've read conflicting reports on the internet, saying that you can only MOVE the saved game, not create a new copy...

      It definately has COPIED for me - I had a few times where I chose an older franchise save from NBA Live or Madden.. As a result I started backing up saves and then removing my memory card until I wanted to back up again...

    Hey sweet, so Pork Shepherd is safe for the digital download age!

    Problem with this On Demand service is that the games will UBER priced. They will very rarely have specials and they WILL sell at RPP. SO expect Mass Effect to be priced at like $50-$60 and Assassin's will be the same. Halo 3 will be expensive, if that is offered?

    MS, PSN etc.. never offer many good discounts on games or DLC. It sucks.

      When they were demonstrating Games On Demand at E3, the handful of games I saw were all priced at US$19.95. I'm hopeful they'll be around $30 here. But we'll see.

    what about the glitch I have where I used my hard drive in my friends Elite console and when I went back to my own 360 with my hard drive it now refuses to open any of my saved games making my own xbox worthless... true story. I called xbox about it and they said although they know this error exists they can not do anything to help me.

    While buying games digitaly sounds cool, those of us who use wireless internets look at about 4-5 gig for around $70-$100 here... so downloading or redownloading xbox1/xbox 360 games is more expensive.

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