Aussie Charts: There’s Something Strange At Number 7

Aussie Charts: There’s Something Strange At Number 7

The long-awaited Ghostbusters video game is now out – at least on PS3. Let’s find out how that switch to timed exclusivity on Sony consoles worked out in sales terms.

As we reported in May, Sony signed up Ghostbusters from Atari as a timed exclusive for the PS3 and PS2 in PAL territories such as Australia. The game will eventually be released for other platforms later in the year.

So, what would Australians gamers do when faced with the prospect of buying what’s available now or waiting a few months for the full suite of platform options? Not to mention the temptation of importing the region-free and allegedly graphically superior Xbox 360 version.

Seems it did OK. Debuting at 7th is a solid performance for what is, ultimately, hardly a triple-A title. I’d be surprised if it hangs around next week, to be honest, and you really have to wonder what Sony and Atari gained from the whole deal.

All Format Full-Priced Games Top 10 for the w/e June 28:

1. Wii Fit (Wii)
2. The Sims 3 (PC)
3. Wii Play (Wii)
4. Infamous (PS3)
5. Pokemon Platinum (DS)
6. Mario Kart (Wii)
7. Ghostbusters (PS3)
8. EA Sports Active (Wii)
9. Prototype (360)
10. Prototype (PS3)


    • inFamous is also being thrown in with a console purchase from most retailers, that would help…

      Assume those are still counted, just as Wii Play continually sits in the Top 10… Unless David knows otherwise…

      • Wii play is not thrown in with a console it is bundled with a wii mote.

        Ps3 isnt selling that much each week for it to make a major diffrence.
        It depends how it is thrown in. If it is in a BOX as a bundle its not counted.
        If its either via redemtion code or a retailer is doing a bundle, like JBHIFI does a lot then they are counted.

      • Umm well that also depends on whether it was bundled properly.

        Some cases may be, its thrown in for FREE. Like a lot of games are with Xbox 360 bundles.

        Now if a retailer has a special deal exclusive to them, they may throw it in and slap an extra 10 or 20 bucks but your still getting the game cheaper. That would count as a sale, probably because its not actually a BUNDLE. They would still scan the game at a discounted price.

        inFamous is most likely selling that way, IF it isn’t selling so well like the chart is saying.

        But it is probably selling that sell, singularly, because its an exclusive and open world and probably has longevity. Which is a few things that appeal to gamers when they spend $90 on a game.

      • @ Sam Lawrence

        Mainly refering that Wii Play is bundled with Hardware/Peripheral

        As the inFamous deal is a bonus in buying a PS3, Wii Play is a bonus of buying a Controller, I don’t think anyone would suggest that people are buying Wii Play because it’s a AAA title…

  • I brought it release day on PS3… and the game is solid, and far better than I thought. As for the PS3 vs. 360 comparison videos out there, it is simply a case of poor video settings to make out like the PS3 version was lesser quality. I for one am getting sick of the PS3 vs. 360 graphic debate.

    The graphics in GhostBusters are much the same as GTA:IV/DeadSpace. Infact if you put both those games into a blender, GhostBusters is what you would end up with. This game would have to be the very first Movie to Game franchise that actually suceeds in the attempt of bringing what works in a movie across to the console. I for one wish that more movie conversions were done even 1/2 as well as this has has been.

    • The first PS3 Xbox comparison for Ghostbusters is the one that copped all the flak. Claims of editing and manipulation of the PS3 version to make it look worse (as NoRC has claimed).
      But since then there have been numerous other comparisons made by other gaming sites and all of them have came to the same conclusion. . . the Xbox version is superior.

    • Yea, im sick of the Graphics debate too. I have both consoles and have some games on both. They look the same. Most people’s Tv settings can make more of a difference that the difference in the consoles.

      And yea even if the game came out 20 years after the moive lol

    • im about 2 hours into it and it’s pretty good imho, will be interesting to se how the MP pans out.
      couldnt care less about the graphics because im playing it on a 51cm TV as my LCD is on the blink…

  • I thought Ghostbusters was pretty cool… if I wasnt broke and had to return it I would have kept it. Finished it on Pro and would probably give it an 8/10…

    As for inFamous, well that just plain rocks so its no surprise thats still high up in the charts. If you havent given it a shot yet people then do so cause it really is fantastic. Thats a 9/10

  • i hope nobody buys this game for xbox. timed exclusives in one region are just wrong and causes the exact thing sony sue retailers for, importing.
    i have both systems and want the best version if it is not available because Sony are being Sony then they aren’t getting my money. plenty of other games to play

  • Who even said Ghostbusters was going to be successful. People including Kotaku editors are talking as if this is going to be the next multi-million seller. It will be lucky to sell 2 million in lifetime sales across all platforms.

    Coming from a movie franchise that is only okay nothing spectacular, what did you expect? A Number 1 or 2 placement. Not only that its ONLY on the PS3 for now, you can import it if your that impatient and want to pay the extra money. Hasn’t had the BEST ratings. Sony, IMO, kinda wasted their money getting it as an exclusive in ONLY Australia, who does that!!!!

    It ain’t no GTA or Guitar Hero thats going to actually sell. Its ghostbusters, the first game of any sort, thats just like any regular, average, not going to sell like hot cakes, kinda game!!!!

    • But Busting Makes you feel good.

      It was All PAL regions, Not just AUS. Europe is included in that.
      I agree that Ghostbusters wont sell massive amounds of units. Its too old, all the people buying it grew up with the movie.

    • “Coming from a movie franchise that is only okay”

      Try something else dude – self righteous indifference doesn’t suit you. Go read up on Ghostbusters, the academy award nominated film that launched several careers and took hundreds of millions of dollars world wide. What’s that? No just because it was made before you were born does’t make it irrelevant and if you were around then to see Ghostbusters mania sweep the world, even here in Aus you’d understand that.

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