Bargain Hunter: Cheap Wii, PSP, 360 Deals At Harvey Norman

Bargain Hunter: Cheap Wii, PSP, 360 Deals At Harvey Norman

harvey-normanThe new Harvey Norman catalogue has a few notable console deals.

Until August 9 they’re offering:

* Wii (console plus Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort) $398 * PSP (red handheld plus Transformers) $258 * Xbox 360 (Arcade console plus Sega Superstar Tennis) $238

All solid deals. Anyone seen those going for less?

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  • My xbox died (RRoD for second time) a couple of months ago. I had just got a new PC when it did, so my gaming is sated for now, and I haven’t got it fixed yet.

    But I can’t decide whether I should send off for a repair or buy a new one. ANd if I buy a new one, a HD socket would be nice (as my old one only has componenet)

    • Component is HD. If you mean an HDMI port, then all 360s have them now, including the Arcade. Though I think only the Elite actually comes with the cable.

      • Yes but component is an analogue signal. HDMI is a digital signal. I call it the poor mans HD ;). I wiil say though, I noticed zero difference between the 2. For me the main benefit is less clutter. All I need now is a tv with 10 HDMI ports 🙂
        That arcade deal is pretty sweet. Gotta pass this onto a mate. I’ve been trying to get him onboard for a while.

    • @serphim & Andrew.
      There is a way to fix the rrod. It’s quite easy and relatively inexpensive. it only costs about $30 for the guide and about $20 for the parts.
      I fixed mine and to be honest it is running better then before,definately a lot quieter. The fan doesn’t have to work as hard cooling the components. However you will void any warranties.

  • That’s a good price point for the PSP, although I’d suspect it’s just to move the Transformers game to bolster sales. I don’t know how they managed it, but the ROTF game was effing horrid, especially on the PSP…

  • But the thing is red! Justaposing Red against your image changes the experience. Because Colors are relative, your pinks become more like white and when you see Green it stands out wayyy too much (more than the developers intended it to). Anyway it changes your user experience, that’s why I do not recommend it.

    Still beats those simpsons bundles I saw at the beginning of the year when they pumped out yellow PSPs! Those were tasteless and I saw many on Ebay soon after.

  • I would not advise buying from Harvey Norman, Chadstone in Melbourne. The computer department stores service is diabolically bad and only go there if you are a masochist! I work for a public library and we bought over $8000 worth of equipment and software from them. They were great at qouting, but when it came to delivering service, they kept my bosses and I waiting in the store for over 2 and a half hours. So my motto is don’t “Go Go Harvey Norman Go”, stay away from ‘Hardly Normal’. Any one with any positive experiences with Harvey Norman?

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