Bargain Hunter: GTA IV Special Edition For Extra-Cheap

Bargain Hunter: GTA IV Special Edition For Extra-Cheap

PS3 owners who haven’t yet got themselves GTA IV might find this offer to good to refuse.

GAME are right now offering the Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition – which you may recall includes “a fancy metal safety deposit box, The Art of Grand Theft Auto IV hardbound book, a selection of music tracks and limited embossed cover art” – for just $49. Typically you’d pay $69 for the standard edition.

The GAME offer is online-only and only for the PS3 version. Sorry PC and 360 owners. And I imagine it won’t last long.

Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition [GAME, via Ecogamer, thanks Anthony!]


  • It’s the damned australian version tho… Edited like hell >.<

    I’d suggest you guys (who bought it), to keep the schwags and sell the game for the uncut version 😛

    • No blood pools and no animated handjob movements is hardly ‘heavily’ edited..

      Besides the point of this is that its the special edition.. its good bonus stuff.. if you really gave a toss about the editing then youd have imported it at release..

  • don’t think they ran out of stock or they would have stated so so maybe error or something? the 360 version of the GTA IV is $70 online

  • Well it was an online only offer and now its only in stores. Which leads me to believe the site ran out of stock. Too bad, I missed it

  • Its actually been $69 on both systems instore for a couple weeks or more.

    And is currently being recalled back to warehouse. Good luck getting it now, unless your local Game store employees are slow at their job.

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