Bargain Hunter: Guitar Hero World Tour Under $200

Guitar Hero World Tour's full bundle was over $300 at launch. At Dick Smith, it's now under $200.

In the store's latest catalogue, which runs until August 10, the Guitar Hero World Tour bundle is $199. Same price for the Wii, PS2, 360 and PS3 versions.

Still not as cheap as you can find the Rock Band bundle for at some retailers, but still good value. Have you spotted a better GHWT deal recently?


    EB (Southland - Vic anyway) has the same deal.

    Just a quick test comment.

    Oh man, I remember in December of last year I was scrounging every penny to buy this bundle, and I was ecstatic when I found it for $289 at JB. :(

    its been under $200 at eb for the last month.. so thats not that good a deal.

      You can get it for $179 @ Loganholme JB.

      is that 'the' David Wildgoose?

      i know that name from somewhere.... hyper or PCPP maybe?

        No no, you're thinking about the 'other' David Wildgoose.

      I thought so too. I saw it at EB's around Melbourne for as low as $178 for the PS2 one, I think....

    You can buy it at the good guys (at least at the one I work at) for $178 (360 version) and $188 (Wii version). Can't remember how much PS3. Been that way for a few weeks now too.

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