Bargain Hunter: Hey, JB Has Some Deals Right Now

Bargain Hunter: Hey, JB Has Some Deals Right Now

jbhifi-shopStretching all the way to August 10, JB Hi-Fi has a few bargains, particularly if you’re after a competitive console bundle.

All three consoles are represented by some decent value bundles. Can’t say the same for the handhelds though, with that DS Lite Mario pack being the only one any sensible person should consider.

Software-wise, there’s nothing out of the ordinary. Most recent releases are around JB’s standard $89 price point, with some older titles down around $59-69. Still, I’ve picked out a few highlights.

Hardware DS Lite (handheld only) $188 DS Lite (handheld plus Touch Master) $199 DS Lite (red handheld plus New Super Mario Bros. and accessory pack) $229 DSi (handheld only) $274 DSi (handheld plus My Cooking Coach) $299 PS2 (console plus SingStar Queen and mics) $199 PS3 (80GB console plus MotorStorm and Resistance: Fall of Man) $669 PS3 (80GB console plus Assassin’s Creed, inFamous, Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and HDMI cable) $699 PSP (red PSP-3000 handheld plus Ratatouille and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) $299 Wii (console plus Carnival Games and World Sports Party) $399 Wii (console plus Let’s Tap, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Virtua Tennis 2009 and an extra Wiimote and Nunchuk) $499 Xbox 360 (60GB Pro console plus Fight Night Round 4, Gears of War and Gears of War 2) $449 Xbox 360 (Arcade console plus Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, Sega Superstars Tennis and Xbox Live Arcade compilation) $299

Software Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (360) $44 Battlestations Pacific(360) $25 BioShock (360 $39 Boom Blox: Bash Party (Wii) $49 Colin McRae: DiRT (360) $29 Disaster: Day of Crisis (Wii) $49 Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime (DS) $19 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS) $39 Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii) $34 Little King’s Story (Wii) $59 Lock’s Quest (DS) $24 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) $59 New Play Control!: Mario Power Tennis (Wii) $29 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (360) $39 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3) $49 Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) $59 Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) $49 Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) $69 Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Wii) $49


  • Just letting you know at the upcoming target toy sale the red dsi + mario will be $199, cheaper than jbs

  • Has something happened to Elites? Judging by ‘audiochron’ comment…

    JB had an Elite deal i was saving for (Elite, Halo 3, Fable 2 & Assassins) for $499 which was the BEST deal i had seen for an Elite in a LOOONG time. It was up for a good 4 weeks or so and then taken down from catalogue and website.

    I went into JB about a week or so ago and looked above the games to see all the boxes of 360’s with their prices and didn’t see an Elite although i only looked for a split second.

    I just haven’t seen any deals for them in any catalogues for alot of stores.

    I want to know if that GAME OF THE YEAR edition for $499 is still available???? Anywhere really….

    • I thought the 360 Elite was being discontinued and only released as a Resident Evil 5 limited edition model or something?

      • Really? I heard the pro was going to be discontinued, who knows, maybe they will discontinue the elite and upgrade the pro to a 120g hard drive with an HDMI cable.

        • Anyone out there who works in retail… is Microsoft still fulfilling your orders for Elite and Pro stock? Have there been any recent changes in what they’re able to deliver?

          • Hasn’t been anything clear on that situation David, I have noticed no elite stock coming through in the last few weeks, last i checked we were left with 1 elite left, more arcades/pros than anything. I can only assume that MS are recooperating or changing tactic. Time will tell unless someone has more of a definitive answer

      • There are rumours of a shakeup in the various SKUs – possible new “super-Elite” with a very large HDD which will push the Elite down to the Pro price and ditch the Pro altogether.

        Perhaps best to wait & see, if you can.

      • It’s so weird. A mate of mine got an Elite about a month ago. I think it was the deal i was speaking about. But that was a month ago (and the deal i want, was up well over a month ago which was why i thought it would be a permanent thing for a while be4 MS announce another bundle).

        Well MS haven’t actually announced anything. Its all be hoo-ha about future bundles and SKU’s. I suppose they do so to prevent sales of current SKU’s. But at least say something like, their are a shortage of Elites, expect delays. SOMETHING to clarify the fact that i can’t seem to find them anywhere when i want to buy one.

        If the PRO goes, Elite needs to be standard then. I think they need to make the normal size of HDD the 120GB. And offer the Pro or whatever it will be called in Black & White or possible other colours. Then make a Super-Elite or whatever and make that 300GB or something or with Wi-Fi & Internet Browser, maybe more internal storage possibly. Maybe they will wait for a Super-Elite for when Natal comes out like some are saying….

  • I take it no-one else is missing images on these posts? Every Kotaku AU, Gizmodo AU and Lifehacker AU post has images that I get a 403 forbidden error on.

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (360) $39

    That’s just insane. I almost want to buy it again, that’s how good a bargain it is.

  • i saw wii sports resort with motion plus AND another motion plus for 88bucks in dicksmith catalouge…
    for that info can someone point me in the direction of a psp2000?

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