Battlefield 1943 A Hit, Server Problems Be Damned

Sure, the game has its share of problems. But they're problems EA say are down to overwhelming popularity, and you know what? It looks like they're right.

The game has already been played by over 80,000 people in a single day, and that's just going off the Xbox Live leaderboards. With the game now rolling out on PlayStation 3, and a PC version to come, this could (surprisingly) be one of the biggest online games of the year.

For reference, Bionic Commando Rearmed was hailed as a downloadable megahit after moving 100,000 in a week.

Battlefield 1943 - Over 80,000 Players Strong In Only One Day [Gamerbytes]


    I'm not surprised, everyone has such fond memories of BF1942, it's a treat to have it at your fingertips on XBox without having to pay too much for it. I haven't managed to actually GET ON a server yet, but with Aussie servers being added hopefully when I do it will be nice and fast!

    Hurryup with the PC version. Its the platform that spawned the series, show the fans some love. I dont understand why its has been pushed back for PC, lets hope they are including cross platform play, hehe

    I really hope we get local servers for XBL soon because the lag is a joke. Hitting a target at any distance has been completely random with some of the most astonishing 'misses' this afternoon. Point blank with a rifle - nope. 1000m on the back of a jeep - head shot! It's so inconsistent that you want to throw your controller out the window.

    Game is great playing on PS3 with no serever problems whatsoever, you get connected to a game in less than 5 seconds so much fun!

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