Battlefield 1943 Storms The Front Next Week

Join the battle to unlock the Coral Sea map next week, when DICE deploys Battlefield 1943 over Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

World War II is alive and well on July 8th and 9th, when DICE's first download-only installment of the Battlefield series hits the Xbox 350 and PlayStation 3. 1200 Microsoft Points or $US15 delivers 24-player battles across three maps to your console in the form of a 560MB download. The Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, and Wake Island maps should keep players going until they reach the goal required to unlock the fourth map. Once the worldwide community reaches 43 million kills between both platforms, the Coral Sea map is unlocked, doubtlessly making it impossible to find a game on the other three maps for at least a week afterwards.

Gotta love fostering community spirit through killing.


    Aw man, why did I think this was coming to PC.. :(
    Those maps take me back to some awesome LANS!

      its coming to PC later on

    Whether its a longer game or a short game. Arcade games with popular names before them are ALWAYS more than 800 points. Such a scam.

    The Watchmen? This game? Portal? And maaaany more. I can just tell if a new Geometry Wars comes out it will probably be more than 800 because #2 was so critically acclaimed and sold a lot. I mean, if they want to aim at a wider audience (younger kids, casual gamers) and want them purchasing these games, you gotta make them cheaper online or make purchasing the points cheaper.

    It's such a rip-off with the price of points and Gold Subscription credit.!

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