Bend Over, Britain, Here's Your DJ Hero Pricing

DJ Hero will be $US120 when it's released in the United States. Which is pricey, but not unheard of. When it's released in the UK, however, it'll follow a precedent set by Rock Band in being ridiculously expensive.

The title - which will bundle the game and a plastic turntable controller - has a recommended retail price of £108. Which in American Dollars is a whopping $177.

It's nothing new for British customers, but then, just because it's a regular occurrence, doesn't make it right.

Kotaku AU Note: We await with bated - and terrified slightly anxious - breath on word of the pricing in Australia. If anyone in retail has heard anything, do let us know...

Activision prices DJ Hero at GBP 108 [Eurogamer]


    Wow, this game looks duff anyway let alone priced at £108. The Guitar Hero games bundled with a guitar cost £75 new which is a lot but doesn't break the £100 mark.

    Ridiculous, I hope this flops.

    We are sooooo going to get ripped off here in Aust i think it'll be at least $199... our RRP for games here are alot higher than many other countries so I'm not surprised.

    I'll get the lube left over from Rock Band...
    ..oh wait, my Maxi Premium Plus Mega Value Bulk Tub is all empty...

    108 pounds = AUS$220

    So in theory it could be as much as AUS$250

    So the article should read


    My God I shudder in the corner thinking what the pricing will be here in Australia!!! I have maybe a 60% interest in DJ Hero when it comes to the idea of purchasing, without even a consideration of price factored in!!! The idea of forking out over (and just a guesstimate by how we fare on prices here) the $190-200 price bracket for DJ Hero brings the chances of me buying it so far down it'd have to be the best thing since scliced bread!!! Oh well! Guess well find out soon enough!

    Could the wannabe DJ culture of Britain be the reason for such a price hike, exorbitant taxes, or just the usual Activision shenanigans?

    $200? I wouldnt be surprised.

    $120 in AUS would be considered a steal.

    We should start taking bets...

    I'd say, AU$270. Give or take.

    dammit a friend of mine worked on this and I want it to do well but fuck me is that expensive. don't they know there is a recession on?

    Jesus, knee-jerk reaction much chaps? GH III, GH:WT and GH:Aerosmith retail for $159.95, $169.95 and $169.95 respectively. Sure, they're a little old, and guitars are so passe, but I'll be highly fucking surprised if DJ Hero is above $200.

    However, I think wild and rampant speculation is the best course of action until the game hits in October.

    How about giving us fucking Rock Band 2

    I'm still waiting for Rock Band 2 myself...
    The first was released in Australia 353 days after it was in America. So if the second takes as long then it's only another 61 days.

    @James Wood and Blake

    I think EA have their hands tied by MTV, and trying to secure distribution in Aus. You could import it from the UK.

    I love the Australia tax! Really!

    There's a reason I have a Wii and a PS2, and it's not lack of WANTING a ps3. :P

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