Bethesda: Extending Fallout Level Cap 'Could Unbalance The Game'

The level, stat and skill caps you have in Fallout 3 - 30, 10 and 100, respectively - seem to be hard numbers that Bethesda Softworks isn't inclined to raise further.

MTV Multiplayer recently asked Bethesda Softworks' Jeff Gardiner if there were any plans to extend the game's level cap, as was done when Broken Steel took it from 20 to 30. Gardiner was also asked if the game could handle boosting the stats above 10 and/or the skills above 100 without breaking. Short answer, no.

"I know from the outside this seems like a fairly simple proposition, but doing this could unbalance the game in a variety of ways," he told Multiplayer. The game's replay value, he said, is in going through it again as different characters having different experiences.

Gardiner's followup didn't explicitly slam the door on a cap extension later. "We're very happy that people enjoy Fallout 3 so much that they want to keep playing it, and I'm sure we'll look into addressing these concerns in future games," he said.

We've heard never-say-never from Bethesda before, and it's a sound policy. But it sounds like "future games," means "games other than Fallout 3."

Kotaku AU Note: My own experience suggests he's right. It's already far too easy even on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Unleashing a level-40 character on the wasteland would totally break the experience, unless Bethesda rebalanced the entire game. Which ain't gonna happen.

Bethesda: Further Level Cap Increases Could Unbalance Fallout 3 [MTV Multiplayer via Joystiq]


    He's right, with careful planning you can get a character to Max Stats by Level 30, and even if you dont you can still have all your SPECIAL Stats at 10 by just getting the Bobbleheads after you hit Level 30, and still have most skills at 100...Fallout stopped being about Level Griding for me a long time ago and started being about the Experience it offers you.

    Soon as I start getting bored with a 30 Char I make a new one and start all over again....there is just so much joy in leaving the Vault for the first time and knowing about the Epic Adventure that lies ahead of you..

    Fallout 3 for me was never about level grinding. It was all about the epic adventure from the start.

    I don't actually play Fallout 3...yet
    But totally on the, it will unbalance it side.
    The only argument i have for people who want a raise, it will add replay value without having to start all over.

    Not everyone likes or wants to start a game all over just to get some re-play value. RPGs though are good at that sorta thing.

    I think FO3 has come as far as it needs to.
    Here's hoping that Besthesda retains it's integrity and releases another epic title to the series.
    With any luck they have been taking the suggestions on board. oh, and fixing the physics.
    But still for a game that does have a lot of glitches, it's the best one i've played in a long while.

    What a Fallout 3 update should have done is make it take longer to go up levels, not increase the level cap. It's ridiculously easy to get to level 20 on the hardest setting - I started from scratch when they raised it to thirty and was level 25 or so when I finished the main quest with buckets more original content plus the expansions to go.

    Raise the number of points needed to go up levels, Bethseda, or lower the xp you earn for bagging kills. Without that sweet "cha-ching!" of xp going up you've only got half a game there.

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