Bethesda Guy: Here's Who Can Afford Bungie's Non-Halo IP

Ashley Cheng, the production director at Bethesda Game Studios, posted on his personal blog a back-of-the-envelope guess at which publishers might take up Bungie's next, non-Halo game. Hint, one of the candidates rhymes with "Shmesmesda."

Based on recent reports, Cheng says, "Bungie only owes Microsoft two more games and they're done. Halo ODST and Reach and that's that. No more Halo for Bungie."

Following that, any publishing deal - which Bungie's Lars Bakken implies is close - can be bankrolled by about five entities: "EA (via EA Partners)," writes Cheng, "Activision, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and of course, Bethesda. I can only imagine how much it will cost to snag their next title."

But wait, there is another.

"Sony," he says. "That would be interesting. Unlikely."

For a year, Bungie reps have said they are not contractually bound to deliver their next IP for a certain platform. But you're also talking about a relationship with Microsoft going on a decade, so, Sony would stand to be a way outside shot. But who knows.

Bethesda 'Can Afford' Bungie's New Game [Gamers Reports]


    My personal view is that unlike Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft doesn't have a huge amount of cuthroat fans. No MS defense force, no rioting when whenever our version of Zelda gets less than 9 by gamespot etc. BUT
    The closest thing we have is the Halo fan. Not quite as nutso as the truly devoted of the other platforms but devoted nonetheless. Bungie *may* piss of a significant portion of their fanbase going to Sony. I'd say they wouldn't do that. At least in this generation.

      What exactly do you mean? I am more for 360 than others, i dread the Wii really for the fact that i believe its overrated and yes i have played numerous games on it. I look forward to Natal but don't believe Motion is the way or the future, maybe to draw more consumers but not for hardcore or actual GAMERS!

      There are plently of MS or Xbox fanboys out there and majority are Halo fanboys too!

      If you look at other relationships you would think that Bungie would stick with the Xbox & MS. Now whether MS get publishing rights is unknown and if not, not that big of deal. But if a Sony Exclusive with Bungie occurs anytime soon, i would be a bit upset & angry. Not being a fanboy, just MS have done alot for Bungie, financially and all. I don't believe theres bad blood between MS & Bungie at all, just Bungie want to be BUNGIE and not MS's Bungie.

      I expect a 360 and know there will be a 360 port of the their new IP. It whats they know & how to develop for it. The PS3, well time will tell, it will be something new to them obviously. But i believe an exclusive to not piss off the fanboys and jeopardize their relationship with MS if their is a future one and not to hurt sales from avid fans.

      Who knows, Sony fans may say, OH HELL NO! to Bungie games. Or actually loath it up cause they been missing out and just to piss off the Xbox fanboys?!

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