Bethesda Re-Teases PS3 FO3 DLC

Owners of the PS3 version of Fallout 3 noticed June come and go without any DLC - as originally promised - released for their console. What gives?

Bethesda Softworks spokeshoncho Pete Hines zipped word over to G4 to say we can all expect an update "next week." Note that's an "update" - which may or may not be the content itself.

Fallout 3 DLC for PlayStation 3 will follow the same progression as it did on Xbox 360 - Operation: Anchorage, followed by The Pitt and then Broken Steel four to six weeks apart. It'll be a long wait to raise that level cap but, hopefully, worth it.

Bethesda Promises Update on DLC for Fallout 3 'Next Week' [G4]


    Really hoping it's at least a trouble free launch for the DLC, unlike the previous releases of it.

    I've been incredibly disappointed with the way Bethesda have handled all this crap... they came out with an absolutely fantastic game and have done nothing but teased and spite PS3 owners and thrown buggy, unpolished expansion packs at 360 owners. I hope things change real soon.

    sigh, i got to say, i loved fallout 3, and in fact i got a ps3 about a week after it was released, not knowing the DLC was a timed exclusive thing. but seriously i enjoyed my time in the wasteland, played it to death for a little while. but now well i have moved on, and don't even know if i would get the DLC when it's released, i just don't care much any more. i expect many people will feel the same way, and many more who have already picked it up for the 360, as such PS3 might show shitty sales for this content which might make the people in charge think it's not profitable to release it on the PS3, where in reality most people are sick of being baited and waiting months just because they are on one platform rather then another


    I'm just happy that the ps3 gets it at all. If they want iron out the kinks than i'm fine to wait. It had just better well be free from the bugs that plauged the other versions.

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