Better Look At Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Pre-Order Schwag

July 4 isn't only Independence Day, it's also the day pre-orders for Pokeémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver. We previously posted a blurry magazine scan of the pre-order goodies, and here's a crystal clear pic.

In Japan, those pre-ordering Heart Gold will get a Ho-Oh figure, and those pre-odering Soul Silver will get a Lugia. Pre-order both, and you'll get a Arceus figure. The games are bundled with a pedometer.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver are DS remakes of Pokémon Gold/Silver and are slated for release this fall.


    hahahaaha i like this, this is sooo funny with the pedometer they prob saw obese kids and thought that the easiest way to look after pokemon was to make the fat people walk!!!!

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