Bill O'Reilly: Moral Barometer Or Guitar Hero Shill?

Once more Bill O'Reilly finds himself attacking a video game ad during his show. And by attacking I mean allowing the entire sexy advertisement to play, unedited, while he quietly watches.

Even more interesting is the fact that the ad in question is for Guitar Hero 5, making it the second Guitar Hero ad to get prime placement on the much-watched O'Reilly Factor, unaltered.

While Activision has yet to say that the video, featuring confirmed song names from the upcoming game, is a viral advertisement for Guitar Hero 5, that's the theory O'Reilly floats and the LA Times seems to agree. Kotaku was even notified about the O'Reilly video by a viral marketing group that drew parallels between this video and the one for Guitar Hero World Tour featuring Heidi Klum, and also aired on O'Reilly's show.

Did O'Reilly knowingly run a viral ad at the behest of Activision? Has the "culture warrior" and America's "moral barometer" become the conservative mainstream face of Guitar Hero or does he just like to watch naked or nearly naked women prance around on his show?

We've reached out to O'Reilly and his people for comment but don't expect more than being labelled a pinhead if we hear back at all.


    Seeing as the advert was intended to be edited with censor boxes, the women were most likely not completely naked during the shoot.

    But hey, Bill O'Reilly isn't one to muse about things past their face-value, is he?

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