BioShock Meets Warhammer In Tremendous Fansplosion

Guy by the name of Robert Sakaluk has re-written the books when it comes to magical cultural pairings, taking some Warhammer miniatures and turning them into BioShock miniatures.

There's a Big Daddy, a Big Sister and a Little Sister, each of which would look equally as comfortable amidst the ruins of Rapture as they would consuming action points on a green felt table.

Finished photos of the Nomad and all my Pirates [Rob Jedi, via GameSetWatch]


    Actually those are Warmachine figures, not Warhammer. Same thing though. Beautifully painted Warmachine figs i might add.

    not all are some look like mordheim and warhammer but yeh the big dadys arent or are heverly inspierd custom builds

    Seeing these on Kotaku is a bit of a head spin. Cool to see people like em so much.

    so robert is this your mordheim warband??

    I've used the pirates in Mordheim but they are for Warmachine. When the pirate faction came out their jacks already looked a lot like Big Daddies so I converted the other merc jacks to fit, just went that extra mile to make them look a lot like Big Daddies instead of a little.

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