BioWare: Activision's PS3 Comment Is "Silly"

After Activision CEO Bobby Kotick expressed his displeasure at Sony for not announcing a price cut, he came back a few weeks later threatening to "stop supporting" the console.

Sony honcho Howard Stringer then retorted that a price cut would cause the company to lose money on every PlayStation 3 sold.

Now BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has entered the fray — adding his two cents. "I think it's silly to be saying you're not going to support Sony," says Zeschuk. "The brand itself is still huge and there are millions of [users]out there."

Bobby Kotick is not only the CEO and President of Activision, he also says silly things.

BioWare: Activision PS3 comment "silly" [CVG][Pic]


    I read on joystiq that theyre already losing money on every ps3 they make so.... maybe he should stop lying to himself that the future of his console may go that of the gamecube...

    I still loved my gamecube though.

      Pretty sure you'll find Sony has always made a loss on their hardware.. its the games where the money is..

      I recall the PS2 break even was at 7 games at release.. ie Sony didn't make a cent till you bought a console and 7 games.. probably changed alot since the release of the Slim, but you get the idea..

      Im sure the PS3 is similar..

    Lets face it; Bobby is a dick. He shouldnt have said those stupid things, because as Greg said: its still a massive brand with millions upon millions of users. Its selling... the day it stops selling is the day Activision can act like they actually own the product and give some advice.

    All Bobby is doing is giving Sony a bit of the treatment they have probably been more than happy to dish up to publishers throughout the PS2 glory years. He sees that Sony are under the pump now, and figures he'll use this situation as a bit of chance to take the hardline with them. He's not going to abandon the platform while it's such a significant portion of the market, but silly comments or not, I'll bet it had people at Sony talking.

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