BioWare: Sometimes Sex Makes Sense

A blast for the not-too-distant past today, as BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk revisits the Mass Effect sex scene controversy, explaining that sometimes sex just makes sense.

CVG interviewed Zeschuk recently, touching on the subject of the Mass Effect sex scene, a subject that drove the uninformed media wild around the time of the game's initial release last year. Responding to an oddly phrased question, Zeschuk explained that while not all games needed scenes depicting sexual situations (sorry Sonic fans!), "in certain types of games it makes sense to have them."

"...I think from our perspective we want to reflect real human relationships. If you're trying to have a relationship with a character we want to reflect that and the impact of the connection with that character. And if that involves some sort of intimate scenes, we want to provide those for the player. It's based on the fact that this is a sophisticated, mature experience."

While I can certainly see his point, it's been my experience that sex almost never makes sense, often leaving the player confused and disoriented.

Oh, he's talking about video game sex. That's different.

In all seriousness, sex is a powerful emotional stimulus for many, and looking back on my time playing Mass Effect, the sex scene I witness did exactly what it was supposed to do. It helped cement an emotional bond between two characters, thereby enhancing my emotional investment in the game. I suppose those of the younger generation who've yet to experience such an encounter might have found it titillating, but to someone with a deeper understanding it can be a real emotional money shot.

BioWare: Sex scenes "make sense" [CVG]


    Totally agree, great article.

    It was very well-planned, plotted and seamless progression of in-game character relationships. Completely agreed and liked it.

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