Black Wii Box Is From The Dark, Distant Future

Here's the box art for the upcoming Black Wii, the first coloured variant of the console. Looks a lot like the white version! Only black.

Amazing what a change in colour can do for a console. The white Wii is simple, clean, innocent. This black one? Menacing, stylish, ominous.

And probably the best-looking games machine we've seen in a long time.

Click the above pic for a bigger shot.

[via Tiny Cartridge]


    Black looks so much better... But a regular silver base? Ruins it.

    Me likes it. That base should be chromed, that'd look nuts.

    Now if the rumoured HiDef Wii comes in black as well, then it may finally be time to go Nintendo.

    I'm so installing this inside the DVD bay of my computer. I'll wire it into the video card. Awesomeness will follow.

    Does look better, however i really don't find the Wii THAT appealing. But the Black does catch your attention compared to the white.

    I think if the Xbox had the finish that the PS3 and Wii has, that would be super sexy. The PS3 is kinda like, the fat chick you don't like to admit is hot.

    But yeah, the base ruins it. +2 without that coloured base. But Nintendo are so gonna milk the shit outta new colours.

    black looks awesome

    Make the light in disc slot orange and I am sold!

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