Blizzard Reveals Lolcat, Solid Snake Game Concepts

ign-blizzard-pic-2At least, that's what this whiteboard discovered in the Blizzard office must surely mean. Surely?

Like us, IGN Australia were invited to Blizzard's HQ recently to check out StarCraft II. Like us, they took a camera and snapped some pics of that same HQ.

Among the dozens of amusingly-captioned photos in their resulting feature were these two glimpses of a super-secret whiteboard where Blizzard designers brainstorm their next game ideas.

Or, possibly, just doodle whatever nonsense they feel like.

You decide!


Blizzard Studio Tour [IGN AU]


    If only my workplace looked that awesome :(

    Ha, even got Snake saying the old Engrish "I feel asleep." Awesome.

    Lol, I broke into your house and stole your sock. I'm not sorry.
    Maybe Blizzards next MMO is a comedy game. With sock puppets?

    I love the Ryu Hayabusa drawing from Ninja Gaiden (NES). Nice detail!

    Having never worked there, I can't say what the working conditions are like.

    But seeing the Blizzard HQ, same as the Google HQ, makes me so jealous of the workplace there. A place where geeks can be geeks and enjoy themselves.

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