Borderlands Gameplay Trailer: 'The RPG And FPS Made A Baby'

Sick of muted earthtones and dessicated grays in post-apocalyptica? Exempt Borderlands from the bitching, please.

This latest trailer hits all the right notes - guns blazing, formidable monstrosities, Law and Order walkdown swagger - in showing you what the "role-playing shooter" (more descriptive than "first-person game") delivers Oct. 20, Oct. 23 in the rest of the world.

Borderlands Gameplay Trailer [GameSpot, thanks Fenring]


    I was sold on 87 Bazillion Guns.

    Only 87 bazillion guns?


      I'm out of gun shortcut keys - I need (87 bazillian / 101) more keyboards.

    Awesome trailer, good that they don't take them selves to seriously.

    87 bazillion guns, haha!

    Oh man does that look sweet. 4 player...

    This is going to be sweet! Cannot wait for this one to hit

    What is that song playing? Awesome preview

      No Heaven, Dj Champion - found it!!!

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