British Lifetime Console Sales Figures Get!

According to figures released by GfK-ChartTrack, there are now 24 million current-generation consoles in the UK. Let's see how those numbers break down.

The numbers can be found in the latest report from European retailer GAME, and reveal that each console has sold the following:

DS - 9.1 million Wii - 5.4 million Xbox 360 - 3.9 million PSP - 3.3 million PS3 - 2.2 million

Not many surprises there. There's a few surprises in the sales figures for just the past 12 months, however, with PSP sales falling through the floor (and PS3 sales dropping as well), while the 360 seems to be picking up steam.

DS - 2.7 million Wii - 2.3 million Xbox 360 - 1.7 million PS3 - 900,000 PSP - 500,000

UK console installed base tops 24m [MCV]


    So the Wii isn't DOMINATING when comparing it to the Xbox 360.

    Of corse, during some months last year in the US the Wii sold over a million and that doesn't happen in the UK. So it is a wide gap considering the amount of units each console sells each week.

    But it still isn't a massive gap like it is in the US & Japan and World-wide overall. I also thought the PS3 was just behind the 360 the way people were carrying on with PS3 games last year and this year and Europe being a SONY territory.

    Maybe this generation is the 360's in places like Europe and the US when it comes to the 360 & PS3.

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