Brutal Legend's Eddie Riggs In All His Sculpted Glory

How can you truly call yourself metal if you don't have a 17 inch Brutal Legend Eddie Riggs figure leaping dramatically from your mantle?

Sculpted lovingly by Mark Newman and splashed with colour by Tom Vukmanic, this official Eddie Riggs statue depicts Jack Black's video game alter ego at the height of his power, leaping majestically from atop a base of skulls and horns to lay waste to his enemies with The Separator firmly in his grip. The statue is limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide, and EA is being awfully coy as to how to get your hands on one. All they say is to keep your eyes on the Brutal Legend website and the @brutallegend Twitter feed for your chance to bring one of these babies home.

What happened to the good old days, when we could simply give someone a great deal of money for our collectibles?


    Haha! Just got my copy in about 20 minutes ago. It kicks major ass. One noted difference, the shirt has a logo from the story in it, and my version is missing the lanyard itself, which kind of sucks, but STILL!

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