Can Your PC Run Resident Evil 5?

Capcom may have released a benchmark tool for their upcoming PC port of Resident Evil 5, but some people don't like benchmark tools. They prefer raw specs. Specs like these!

So without further ado, here are the system requirements (along with recommended specs) for the game. Note that we have our own benchmarks for the game: we require at least two zombies on dirtbikes, but recommend at least four.

OS Windows XP: Required Windows Vista: Recommended

CPU Minimum Requirement Intel PentiumD Processor AMD Athlon64 X2

Recommended Intel Core2Quad Processor or better AMD Phenom X4 or better

RAM Minimum Requirement Windows Vista (1GB) Windows XP (512MB)

Recommended Windows Vista (2GB or more) Windows XP (1GB or more)

HDD 8.0GB or more

Monitor Minimum Requirement 800×600

Recommended 1280×720 or larger

Disc Drive DVD9 compatible drive

Graphics Card Minimum Requirement VRAM (256MB) DirectX9.0c/Shader 3.0 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro

Recommended VRAM (512 or more) NVIDIA GeForce 9800 series or better ATI Radeon HD 4800 series or better

Sound Card DirectSound Compatible (DirectX9.0c or higher)

Interface Required Mouse & Keyboard

Recommended Xbox360 Controller for Windows InternetBroadband Connection

Oh, and if you're wondering, the game's out on September 15.


    Wow, I thought the specs would be SO much higher on this one. Does that mean that the future download content be free?

      Um... Why would DLC be free just because the game is less demanding on hardware than expected?

      I'm not following you on that one.

    Wow, even my 3 year old mac could handle that. Does that mean that the future download content be free?

    I've played this before on 360 does that mean my dlc will be free on pc too?

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