Capcom Details Monster Hunter 3 Online

On August 1, Monster Hunter goes on sale in Japan. From 10am on that same day, Monster Hunter 3's network service becomes active.

There are a couple free deals that let players test out the online feature for either 20 or 90 days, but beyond that, players will need to pony up cash for "Hunting Tickets." A 30 day ticket costs 800 Wii Points, a 60 day ticket for 1,500 Wii Points and a 90 day ticket for Wii Points.


    How much for the 90 day ticket sorry?

    Hopefully there won't be any charge in the english version.

    Wouldn't overly bother me if there was, but I know a lot of my friends would cry and never purchase it then.

    Those prices sound pretty reasonable, if my pretend money/real money conversion is accurate.

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