Capcom Teasing New Onimusha Game?

Grr. Teaser websites. Frustrating, yes, but this one slightly less so, because it appears to be less cryptic than others, suggesting that a new Onimusha game is on the way from Capcom.

The site displays three dates: 1560, 1573 and 1582. Seemingly random, but then, Onimusha 1 kicks off in 1560. Onimusha 2 begins in 1571, and Onimusha 3 begins in, you guessed it, 1582. Co-incidence?

If this is a new Onimusha game, know this, Capcom: we'll be devastated if there's no Jean Reno.

1582 [Capcom]



    i'm a big onimusha fan (have all 4 ps2 games) but the quality of gameplay has steadily decreased since #2.

    Hard as it may be, they need to bring back Samanosuke and fix the battle system! Dawn of Dreams felt so grind-y like a Final Fantasy game.

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