Castle Crashers Coming To PS3

Castle Crashers is just about the best thing to happen to Xbox Live Arcade. And soon, it'll be just about the best thing to happen to the PlayStation Network as well.

While there are no details on when the game is coming, how much it'll cost or whether the Sony version will include any exclusive content, we do know the game is real, and that it will be out sometime in the future. In the meantime, check out the below vid to see the PS3 port in action.

Castle Crashers First Look [GameSpot]


    No suprise really, is a great game! What i'm wondering is if it will be a different version or just a port of the same game?

    Grats for you sony users, it's probably the best arcade game there is, even better than 1943 imo.

    im more interested in fat princess.

    I didn't like Castle Crashers... Fat Princess looks much more rewarding and enjoyable, so I'd rather see that come to XBLA, even though that'd never happen.

    great llamas of the Bahamas!! most of my Xfriends boast about how awesome this is, really looking forward to picking it up on the Ps3, hopefully not too long a wait, and hopefully fat princess and Trine are out on PSN soon as well. all in all a good time to be enjoying these downloadable titles.

    should be on pc already :S

    It'll be interesting to see if it'll pull a LBP and allow multiple logins... Hopefully with trophy support for multiple players too, since it kinda sucks how you can only get trophies for the primary player...

    No, it's way better than fat princess, anyone that tells you otherwise either hasn't played both or is lying to themselves, and god.

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