China Bans All Online Games Featuring "Gangs"

China has a problem. A problem with gangs. And as part of the government's plan to tackle that problem, all websites offering online games glorifying organised crime have been banned.

The Culture ministry says all games that "advocate obscenity, gambling, or violence," and "undermine morality and Chinese traditional culture" will be outlawed, and any net cafes and/or centres found to be in violation of this ban will be in line for some severe penalties.

The move comes as China seeks to crack down a little on some of the shadier aspects of online business, with a similar push going on aimed at curbing the influence of sites peddling porn and other "vulgar content".

China bans online games which glamorize gangs [Reuters]


    Urgh China..

    wow thats taking it a bit too far

    Reminds me of what Conroy is trying to do with the internet filter addendum.

    Australia is the new China. I'd take this over a ban on all online games that contain content not suitable for a 15 year old any day of the week.

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