City Of Heroes Vigilantly Launches Issue 15

The heroes are much more heroic and the villains exponentially more vile with the release of City of Heroes Issue: 15: Anniversary, with cosmetic changes and mission architect tweaks the order of the day.

Aside from a new 5th Column Task Force / Strike Force series of missions, the bulk of the Issue 15 update for NCsoft's superhero MMO is dedicated to making characters look their best and making it easier to use the mission architect player-created content tool introduced in Issue 14: Architect.

On the cosmetic side of things, players now have more than 20 new faces to choose from in character creation along with two new costume sets - vines and ulterior - making an already ridiculously versatile system even more so. They've also added new costume change emotes, allowing players to back flip, salute, or maniacally laugh their way out of their clothes.

NCsoft also updates their mission architect system, adding new testing tools to help iron out the kinks and enhanced search capability to help players separate the wheat from the chaff.

Considering the major changes that came about with the last update, Issue 15 seems rather tame, but with the massive Going Rogue update next in line for release, we can forgive the odd lighter than normal offering.


    City of Heroes... is nice and all, but the gameplay itself is so... static.

    When I left the game, they'd broken character descriptions (one of the core components of roleplaying), and may or may not have fixed the chat bug that made -talking- difficult.

    I'd like to see NCSoft get their asses on that and other problems, rather than add more superfluous features. While I do love the character editor, I'm not paying to play a dress-up game.

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