CliffyB Make's Felicia's Day


    Ahh Felicia Day, so many kinds of awesome

    I think the girl on the right has such an awkward expression because she's completely overcome by Dude Huge's awesome, godlike presence. Oh, and his insanely white teeth which could blind a blind man.

      and his massive pipes haha

    What a pimp

    I want Dude Huge's shirt. In a totally non-homosexual way.


    hehe SAINT Felicia

    Why is his head so big?

      It's where he stores his massive ego.

        Hahahahahahahaha. Yo dawg, don't be dissin' Dude Huge - else he'll obliterate you with the power of 10,000 suns.

    Although this has been posted somewhere else before, I still think "Felicia makes CliffyB's dude huge" would've been a better title ;-)

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