Cooking Mama, Cooking Zelda, Cooking Samus...

This is the cover to the latest issue of French mag IG. It features Cooking Mama. And Cooking Faith. Cooking Peach. Cooking Chun-Li (they even got the thighs right!). And, best of all, Cooking Mai. With Cooking Mai boobs.

It's an awesome pic, but also a curse, as the rest of my week will be haunted by visions of actually owning games like this.

Cooking Heroines [GSW]


    Cooking Mirrors edge chick
    Cooking Lara croft
    Cooking Aerith
    Cooking Ivy
    aswell :)

      "Cooking Mirror's Edge chick" would be Cooking Faith, the first variation Luke listed.

    I wish this comes in desktop size. I'd so use it on my laptop.

    They already had Cooking Faith (Mirrors edge chick)

    You missed

    Cooking Samus
    Cooking Claire

    There are the wallpapers for your laptop :[email protected]/sets/72157621224847910/

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