Creating A Character In Champions Online

Champions Online executive producer Bill Roper walks us through creating a character in Cryptic's upcoming massively-multiplayer online superhero game.

Champions Online takes the rich character creation that Cryptic created for NCsoft's City of Heroes and brings it to the next level. Not only can you spend hours designing the perfect superhero costume, the ability to pick and choose your powers rather than relying on set archetypes means that no two character need be exactly the same.

It also means that it is a bit harder to manage group roles in the game. With players able to select their own powers from a pool, players will have different ideas as to what constitutes the tradition roles of tank, damage, crowd-control, and support. At least it won't be dull, right?


    Somebody... Anybody... Please if your good at this make "The Tick" and MESS SOME HEROES UP!

    Da dweeeeeeeeee da da daa dwe daow
    Da dweeeeeeeeee da da daa dwe daowww
    Dwee daow da da dwee daow da dwee da dwee de daow

    I was interested in this till I saw Bill Roper, the guy responsible for Hellgate: London. Going to have to wait for reviews or the open beta now.

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