Crummy Wii Accessories Finally Triple-Jump The Shark

Get a load of this. It's a Wii accessory kit that contains an incredible 38 pieces. 38! Enough to form a shitty white plastic Voltron, Devastator and Predaking, with enough left over to scrape together a Defensor while you're at it.

It's manufactured by Chinese company Areus, and seems to be their "21 in 1" pack with a few additions, namely what looks like a fishing rod, a baseball bat, golf clubs and even some little Wii Remote/mobile phone charms.

When will this Wii accessory arms race end? With a "100 in 1" pack featuring Vitality Sensor rubber condoms and blood pressure monitors?

Kit With Wiimote Accesories for 38 Sports You Will Never Practice In Real Life [Gizmodo]


    Umm until Nintendo decide to stop milking everyone that owns a Wii for more money. So in that case, never?

    NOW do you understand why the Wii is so cheap to buy and manufacture!!!!

    Um, that'd be a third party 'milking' the money there, mate. But you have your swipe at Nintendo anyway.

    Oh, and you are entitled NOT to purchase things, you know.

    Having said that it does look spectacularly craptastic.

      Lol, you tried!

      Its milking on both parts, but its not worth explaining to you.

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