Dark Void Delay Leaves Void In Fall Gaming Lineup

Another major 2009 release becomes a major 2010 release, as Capcom pushes back Dark Void to avoid a crowded fall game season that doesn't really exist anymore.

At this point, January through March of next year is going to be the biggest first quarter in gaming ever, as an increasing number of games originally slated for fall and holiday 2009 releases get shunted into next year. After seeing news of the Dark Void delay over at Shacknews, we contacted Capcom's Chris Kramer for more information.

Dark Void is moving into Capcom's fiscal Q4 in order to get the game out of the crowded fall game season and to allow the development team more time to polish and enhance the game experience.

One of those two excuses doesn't really hold up, but we'll take a more polished game at a later date over one rushed to market any day of this year or the next.

Kotaku AU Note: Can I just say I called it?


    As the saying probably goes, "a game is only late until it's released, but a bad game stays bad forever".

    I hope all these games that are being postponed and pushed back, don't become what these publishers think they will become in Holidays but during the first quarter.

    Looks like a lot of newish IP or sequels to games that aren't MASSIVE blockbusters are all going to be released at the same time within a 3 month time frame and could probably be more disastrous than from September - December.

    But i've been keeping my eye on Dark Void for some time and looks pretty sweet. I hope it all works well.

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