Dead Space Becoming Real Movie, Director Named

Forget that Dead Space animated film. Please. Instead, let's all try and be optimistic about a Dead Space live action film, which EA are about to auction off to movie studios.

Dead Space: The Real Movie (our name, not theirs) is set to be a joint production between EA and Temple Hill producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey (Twilight, Gears of War). According to a report on Variety, Bowen & Godfrey are currently looking at writers for the film; once they settle on one, and EA are happy with the "creative direction", the project will be shipped off to whichever studio wants to pay EA the most money.

Director D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Y: The Last Man) is already attached, and while this is far from a done deal at the moment (there's a long way to go before cameras start rolling), with that kind of talent signed up it sure seems likely that we'll see a Dead Space flick in a few year's time.

Dead Space with less running in the dark and more chatting? And big-screen dismemberment? Yeah, it could work.

D.J. Caruso to direct 'Dead Space' [Variety]


    A lot of games that are said to be made into movies, are being made or could be made are all games that make, well me, think, WOW that is a good concept for a game AND A MOVIE!

    Dead Space would be awesome, lets just hope it aint a Resident Evil that although they are fairly decent films, just totally went against the game to be more mainstream.

    Doom film was just an excuse for the Rock to do his eyebrow pose here and there, lame!

    Dead Space though, would be pretty cool. The actor wearing the suit & all, a lot of camera work (similar to the Bourne movies) from a third person angle would be sweet. Very true to the game if done right.

    I think they already made that movie. It was called Event Horizon.

    Dead Space was one of my favourite games of the last year....

    We shall see about the movie. I'd be happier if there was a Dead Space Deux to talk about.

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