Decepticons Owners Turn Tables On Autobot Gamers

A little over a week ago, we showed you that players of the Autobot version of the DS' Transformers Revenge of the Fallen were beating Decepticons fans. Things have changed.

The game's first online meta-game battle did end with owners of the Autobot version of the game winning, having scored 48 million Energon points to the bad guys' 40 million. This cast some doubt on claims I'd heard from Transformers experts that the Autobot and Decepticon consumer bases are split 50/50.

But the second and current battle waged by the games' owners, owners of the Decepticon version of the game are beating their rivals 100 million to 93 million.

The conflicts are waged by players connecting their DS online to activate daily single-player challenges and then uploading their point tallies. Those challenges are associated with regions on a world map, and the battle continues until a faction claims all regions.

The balance might be even after all. And the growing numbers are a sign that the game's online play is being adopted by consumers.


    This sounds awesome - should I buy a DS just for this?
    I like the idea of THE BIGGER PICTURE

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