Details About Halo Anime

Microsoft is teaming with five productions houses for a series of seven short films called Halo Legends, reports the Los Angeles Times. The five production houses are some of the biggest names in the industry:

Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C, and Toei Animation.

The creative director overseeing the production is Shinji Aramaki, director of Appleseed and Appleseed Ex Machina. Microsoft has also roped in Warner Bros. to distribute Halo Legends on DVD and via digital platforms early next year.

Video game companies move onto Hollywood's turf [Los Angeles Times]


    You got to be fucking kidding right?

      lol, obviously not. It was only time until MS begins to milk the halo franchise for all its worth.

    F*** Off! This is B/S, Wtf are these F***wits on?
    Just another way to milk a F***ing S***ty Franchise.

      Wow.. what a well thought out and level headed reaction.

    Im no halo fan, but should we be excited or fearful?

      I say fearful..
      though, that just me as I'm kinda of a Halo hater in the eyes of many...

      Bones man! freaking bones!!!

        Studio Bones is probably the greatest animation studio there is, I wouldn't be too worried.

        (Production IG and Toei aren't too bad either)



      Er... sorry to burst your bubble, but that has happened many times before.


    Are Halo fans all really like this?

    What the hell?!

    Halo has a story worth animating?

    Wow, bones is part of it.

    I'm sure the animation quality will be top notch considering the studios involved with this but the halo franchise? bleh seems like a waste of time and effort to me.

    THIS SOUNDS tooo old to be psyched about this

    Wouldn't it be awesome if the got Studio Ghibli to do the anime?

      No, Studio Ghibi is a little kids animation studio. Bones would be way better for something like this.

      "Little kids animation studio" was an stupid comment but its true that Ghibli wouldn't touch it. They like their anime's to typically have some sort of underlying theme about family or environmental sustainability etc etc They wouldn't do this. And their art style is a little too colourful for the Halo universe anyway.

        I would say Disney animation's main audience is children, as is studio Ghibli's.

        Sorry if I deeply offended your love for studio Ghibli, it was not my intention.

    I think we could sum this up in one effective line.


    I'm a huge halo fan and even I think this is a bit much.


    keep it coming people

    This reminds me of the batman Gotham knight dvd. That was a collection of different studios doing shorts. Making an anime i probably microsofts idea of a good way to break into the Japanese marker further.

    I'd prefer the Halo movie to go ahead but an Animatrix/Gotham Knight treatment could be cool too. They've lined up the best sci fi anime studios for it that's for sure.

    Still can't understand why the Halo story hate, Bungie put more back story into all of their games than any other studio I can think of.

    It would be cooler if Gainax were to be apart of this

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